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A Beginner's Guide to Wordpress Security

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On its own, the WordPress Content Management System offers a minimal amount of security against what appears to be an unrelenting entourage of hacker attacks.
It has to, really. If the software were programmed and packaged to fight every single attack, it would suffer from an unreasonable size and upgrade regimen. It would also suffer from performance issues across server platforms.
WordPress is the preferred open source software package that is installed on about 60 million websites mostly because it is easily deployable across many systems.
For those reasons alone, it is vulnerable to multiple security issues, making it imperative that WordPress users implement their own security measures against existing and developing risks.

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Learn best practices

"How to secure Wordpress" will teach you best pratices and methods to implement your own security measures against existing and developing risks. 

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+55 wonderful plugins

Much of best pratices can be put into action via Wordpress plugins. Security plugins attempt to facilitate Wordpress site protection by automating what could take days to accomplish manually. 

In this book, you will find a reviewed list of 55 of the most popular and trusted Wordpress security plugins.

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New methods and new plugins to improve your technical skills with Wordpress.